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Launch PositivePhysics 


Note : Usage of PositivePhysics is awaiting approval from LCPS

Before logging into positive physics for the first time, you will need the following:
(1) username – Use your last name followed by your first initial (i.e. For Mike Jones use jonesm)
(2) password – Use a password that you can remember and do not share it with others
(3) section / class period – Use your block number for this entry
(4) level – For Conceptual Physics use 1, for Honors Physics use 3
(5) class code – Mr. Hurrell will provide this to you via remind if approved by LCPS 

Note: For subsequent logins you will need your username, password, and class code

Using Positive Physics
(1) Select a topic to examine.  For review purposes select Unit 1 – Unit 11, and Unit 13.  For new material, Unit 12 and 14-20.
(2) For each skill listed in the first column of the respective unit read the associated notes if provided.  Then complete the work, extra practice, and assessment.

Email Mr. Hurrell if you have any questions

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