Conceptual Physics
Course Description

Course Description

The Conceptual Physics course will provide students with unique and useful learning opportunities through hands-on activities that provoke students’ thinking and curiosity. Opportunities to engage in classroom discussion that allows students to discover critical concepts and opportunities to apply knowledge they’ve constructed to their own lives will be plentiful. In addition, a collaborative working environment that will improve the student’s ability to work effectively in a team environment will be part each students learning experience.

Topics of study in Conceptual Physics will be:
- Electric Circuits
- Review of applicable math topics
- Describing motion: 1-D and 2-D kinematics
- Projectile motion
- Causes of motion (aka Dynamics): Newton's Laws
- Circular motion
- Work, Energy, and Power
- Momentum
- Rotational Kinematics and Dynamics
- Electrostatics
- Electromagnetic Waves
- Sound
- Optics
- Fluids
- Modern Physics

Projects and laboratory investigation focused on developing critical thinking and reasoning skills, along with traditional classroom work (i.e. quizzes & exams), and a regular dose of fun (aka homework), will be the primary assessment tools used during the year.

2018-2019 Syllabus

Table of Contents:
- Course Overview (Prerequisites, Description, Required Materials)
- Grading Policy (Grading Scale, Grade Breakdown)
- Homework (Expectations, Obtaining Help)
- Project and Lab Activities
- Unit Descriptions

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