AP Physics C
Course Description

Course Description

AP Physics C is equivalent to an intensive introductory college physics course for students majoring in the physical sciences or engineering and is comprised of two courses: Mechanics, which is equivalent to the first semester of a university course; and Electricity & Magnetism, which is equivalent to the second semester of a university course.

During the 2018-2019 students will cover the Mechanics material, focusing on Newtonian Mechanics to include:
- Kinematics
- Newton’s Laws of Motion
- Work-Energy-Power
- Linear Momentum
- Circular Motion
- Oscillations
- Gravity

Students will develop a strong conceptual and analytical understanding of Newtonian Mechanics and apply a wide variety of problem solving strategies and lab-based skills to reinforce this understanding. Lecture, discussion, guided-inquiry, and open-inquiry will be used both in the classroom and in the lab. Emphasis will also be placed on communicating an understanding of physics orally and in writing.

2018-2019 Syllabus

Table of Contents:
- Course Overview (Prerequisites, Description, Required Materials)
- Grading Policy (Grading Scale, Grade Breakdown)
- Homework (Expectations, Obtaining Help)
- Lab Work (Lab notebook, Expectations)
- Unit Descriptions

Summer Assignment

While succeeding in AP Physics C is not entirely dependent upon being an expert mathematician at this point, being proficient with the practices and math skills addressed in the summer assignment will surly get you rolling in the right direction.  This assignment is due the first day of school, is worth 100 pts, and your grade, teacher, parents, etc.…, will love you for completing it.

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